Pink Visual DVD Pink Visual Copyright 2008 Pinkvisual Gay College Sex Parties Vol.1 <div class=";> <div class=""> <a href=""><img style="border:none" src="" alt=""/></a> </div> <div class=""> Study Hard! There are all sorts of reasons to stay in school, but for these hot and horny studs it\'s all about the sex. Follow our cameras as they delve deep into the hottest gay collegiate parties to show you how classmen really make their mark. Discover what it\'s like to be everyone\'s party favor, and watch some of the hottest sucking and fucking on campus! </div> <div class=""> <b>Release Date: 2006-08-11</b> </div> <div class=""> <b>Series:</b> <a href=""> Gay College Sex Parties</a> </div> <div class=""> <b>orientation: gay</b>